Animated Earth
Animated Earth 1 Bronze 90cm - Animated Earth

Animated Earth



90cm diameter

Made up of twelve pentagonal sides, the Inca name Alpa Camasca or animated earth depicts a dice with the features of real fossils, each representing an iconic branch in the evolutionary tree. Whether still existing or extinct, the forms in the sculpture reflect on the survival of species’ and our place in the game of life.

Animated Earth 2 Alpha Camasca - Animated Earth
Animated Earth 3 1 - Animated Earth

Alpa Camasca in the Inca language literally means living body or animated earth. This was a civilization which saw the human species as part of the earth and as something from which it was born, not a separate entity as is so often the case in the Western world.

Each of the twelve pentagonal sides in Alpa Camasca depicts the exact features of real iconic fossils of different phyla, each representing an iconic branch in the evolutionary tree.

Animated Earth 4 Homo Habilis - Animated Earth
Animated Earth 5 - Animated Earth

In the evolutionary blink of an eye we have become the cosmos in conscious form and human life momentarily is the means by which the universe understands itself.