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Vincent Mock (1980) the artist inhabits many worlds. The African wilderness, the depths of the ocean; his sense of responsibility as an environmentalist always reflected in his work. Life-size sculptures of endangered marine animals, giant deer antlers adorned with glass beads, the golden skull of a poached rhinoceros are but a few of the many artworks he has created to communicate his ideas about the world we live in. Whether contemplating the transience of life on earth or asking questions regarding the complexities of human consciousness, Mock does not allow us to rest easily, he excites our imagination and reminds us of our interdependence with the natural world, or perhaps the link we are losing. He lives and works in Amsterdam.

Since June 2015, Fleur van der Minne and Vincent Mock have started working as a team of artists. Vincent specializes in mixed media sculpture and installation. He sees art as an opportunity to transform and awaken us from our distanced relationship with nature. Fleur on the other hand is specialized in photography, (nature)documentary film, drawing and painting. Mock and Van der Minne have always had similar obsessions with the natural world but developed different skills to support their curiosity and love for the environment. Fleur will support Vincent in the projects he has already developed while they are simultaneously creating new projects together.

biography - Biography