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An authentic 350 million year old skull of an armored fish (dunkleosteus) will be part of a new work where the artist will design the unpreserved 7 meter body of this rare fossil. The head of the dunkleosteus will be cast in bronze and glass while the body is currently being designed.

First sketches of a critically endangered 200cm Leatherback Turtle made out of thousands of stainless steel longline fishhooks.

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Fleur van der Minne and Vincent Mock are working on an artwork made out of manmade marine debris which is often found in the stomachs of dead and washed up marine mammals nowadays. This is a picture of a dead spermwhale found on the island of Texel in The Netherlands just before direction. Photo: Fleur van der Minne.

Megaloceros Gigantus


Authentic fossil antlers

302 cm

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